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Are you in need of some blazing fast internet, then Afrihost Fibre is the way to go. There are a few reasons why you should go with Afrihost Fibre and its blazing fast internet.

Afrihost Fibre is Reliable, 

Blazing Fast Internet, that uses optical cables to carry data via light, which makes it the fastest internet you can get – up to 50x times faster than the fastest ADSL available in South Africa. Afrihost Fibre has improved bandwidth throughput of Fibre that will give you a more stable connection with lower latency. Keep in mind that Afrihost Fibre uses light instead of electrical pulses, so you can have consistent internet speeds that does not degrade or slow down because of distance. It is also weather resistant, so whether rain or shine Afrihost Fibre is still blazing fast.

I have been a customer with Afrihost for a while now. Now I know that there is Mweb Fibre and Telkom Fibre. I will just put it to you like this. I have had my experiences with Telkom and I will just leave it at that. I have also had my experiences with Mweb and they are pretty decent, but no one compares to the customer service of Afrihost.

Afrihost has customer service that is at another level. 

You can log onto their website and we what I mean. They are the only internet provider company that I know of that has WhatsApp support. Not only that, but they have online chat as well... Can you tell what other company has that and actually answers their online chats.


What are some of the benefits of having Afrihost Fibre:


Connect more devices

We live in a digital world, with more devices in our homes every single day - and normal broadband solutions struggle to support the increased demand on your Internet Connection. With Fast Fibre, you can connect more devices, at better speeds than ever before – start enjoying reliable, fast internet connectivity in every room of the house

No telephone required

One of the awesome benefits of using Fibre is that you don't need a Telkom landline to get connected. This means that you'll save hundreds every month because you're not paying for a phone line (which you probably don't use anyway) just to connect to the internet. You also don't have to worry about copper cable theft ever again

On Demand entertainment

With Fibre, say goodbye to constant buffering, thanks to smooth, fast connectivity – allowing you to enjoy HD or 4K content, even if several people are streaming at the same time.* And with super‑low latency, you can take gaming to a whole new level too.

Yes Mweb Fibre has its advantages and so does Telkom fibre, but let me share with you some of the advantages of signing up with Afrihost Fibre.


No Credit Checks

Now Afrihost doesn't do contracts, so that means they don't do credit checks. So forget about getting rejected and waiting for weeks to get approved for your service. They have activation of service that is almost immediate and near instant. Afrihost will have you up and running in a decent amount of time!

State of the Art Network

Now another reason why you should go with Afrihost is because they just built a brand new Fixed Broadband Network, just for you and I. This gives them more control over our entire experience. This allows Afrihost to offer us top quality products, top of the line one on one support and last but not least, wayyyy better connectivity.

Now I hope you are starting to see why you should chose Afrihost Fibre and how it stands out from Telko Fibre and Mweb Fibre. Though these are decent services, its just thThis can also be considered a Afrihost Fibre review as I am a satisfied Afrihost is hard to touch with all these qualities.


Satisfaction Guaranteed - Double your Money Back

Now say for some reason you are not satisfied with your Afrihost Fibre. Maybe you switched from Telkom Fibre or Mweb Fibre and the service is not what you expected, which will probably not happen, but if it does and you are not happy with your Afrihost service they will give you your money back. Not only will they give you your money back, but you will get Double your money back. Now if that is not reason enough to try, then I don't know what is.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our blog and we hope that this has helped you out in making your decision for your internet service provider. This can also be considered a Afrihost Fibre review as I am a satisfied customer.

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