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Thrive Leads – How you can build your mailing list faster than ever

thrive leadsThrive Leads is a WordPress plugin that will take your list building skills to another level.

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin that is perfectly designed for WordPress. Thrive Leads is the list building solution that is created by Thrive Themes and these people know how to make a plugin that is conversion focused. I would like to show you why having the Thrive Leads plugin will definitely take your list building skills to another level.

You can build thrive lead pages that are out of this world.

Using Thrive Leads is like having your very own list-building and conversion expert – baked right into a powerful piece of software.

Thrive Leads is not your ordinary list building plugin. Thrive Themes has hit the ball out of the park with this WordPress Plugin. This plugin has top of the line conversion tactics that are used by smart businesses and many online businesses. Now you can have access to those cutting edge tactics by getting your hands on the Thrive Themes plugin called Thrive Leads.

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Thrive Leads will take your website conversion to another level

Thrive ThemesThrive Leads is so easy to use and it is a drag & drop builder that is incredibly intuitive and offers maximum usability right out of the box. Not only that but Thrive Themes has added so many features to this plugin. Thrive leads comes with a bunch of professionally designed templates that you can put to use immediately OR customize to your heart's content. Now you don't have to sit in front of your computer trying to figure out how to design a email conversion lead with a program that doesn't make sense or takes forever to figure out.

Let me put it to you this way. If you can send an email then you can design a high converting lead pages with the help of thrive leads.

Now if you have used other plugins that make leads pages then you know there are limitations when it comes to templates and customization. Not so with Thrive Leads, the options are vast and you can get started with the custom made templates that are pretty in them self. Thrive Themes has designed Thrive Leads so that you can make lead pages that make the colors of your website, you an add background images, design vertical and horizontal forms that have one or multiple fields, and the list goes on of what you can do. Did I mention that there is a template library, yes this WordPress Content Builder comes with a ton of templates that you can choose from. This is an Amazing landing page builder.

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Meet the Power-Packed Thrive Leads Feature Set

Building a lead generation page is so much easier using Thrive Leads. I don't consider myself a professional web designer but with thrive leads I have been able to create some Amazing lead generation pages.

Thrive Leads comes with templates, smart exit, extensive customization features and so much more.

Here are some cool features that come with Thrive Leads:

lead pagesSmart LinksAre you wasting precious space on your site and annoying your existing subscribers with opt-in popups? SmartLinks is the solution!

A/B TestingThe best way to make sure you keep accelerating your list growth? It's making use of our simple and quick to implement A/B testing features!

Smart Exit:Want to catch your visitors before they abandon your site? You've heard of Exit Intent… we've taken it to a whole other level with SmartExit and SmartExit+.

AnimationsChoose from different, eye-catching entry animations for your forms, animate individual form elements and even A/B test different animations!

Trigger Options:Choose exactly when and how your opt-in forms appear with time-based or interaction-based triggers. A/B test different triggers to increase conversions.

Super Precise Targeting:Show exactly the right offer to exactly the right segment of your audience. The result? A massive boost to conversion rates and highly targeted, engaged lists!

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