How to add a lead generation in Under 5 Minutes

lead generation Hello and thank you for taking the time the read our blog.

Today we are going to take a look at how fast you can add a lead generation to your WordPress Website using Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect is one of the most powerful lead generation tools on the market. With it's What You See Is What You Get features it makes designing your own website easy and quick. I like to put it like this, if you can send an email then you can design your own website using Thrive Architect.

Not only is Thrive Architect a powerful tool for designing our own website, but Thrive Architect is also a powerful lead generation tool.

It makes adding a lead generation to your website quick and easy.

Thrive Architect is the visual page builder that is built from the ground up for business and conversion focused websites. And because we know that entrepreneurs are busy, Thrive Themes Plugins are built with an obsessive focus on being as fast as possible to use. We’ve removed every possible barrier between the business idea in your head and a professional presence of that business on your website.

This Plugin will have you looking like a Specialist…

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Here is a video on how we added a lead generation to our website in under 5 minutes

thrive architectMany people say that the power of your online business is in your email list. Well with Thrive Architect you can start building your email list in a fraction of the time that it will take using other plugins.

  • Your homepage is probably one of the most visited pages on your site.
  • Is it making the impression you want it to make?
  • Is it engaging visitors and boosting your conversions?

With Thrive Architect page builder, you can use one of our templates or build a beautiful, professional looking homepage or improve the layout on your existing homepage by adding things like columns, horizontal opt-in forms, a stylish gallery of your blog posts, social share icons and more.

Here is a Thrive Architect Tutorial video on how we added a lead generation to our website in under 5 minutes. This video will walk you through the Lead Generation Process.

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This plugin is also Mobile Responsive:

These days, most websites get more than half their visitors from phones and other mobile devices. Every template in Thrive Architect and everything you build with this plugin is mobile responsive, out of the box. In most cases, if you just create your page and don’t worry about it, the result will look good on mobile phones and tablets as well. However, we know you want more control than that. And if you’re building complex and unique layouts, you want to be able to ensure the best possible experience, regardless of screen size.

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Because of that, there are 3 major mobile responsiveness features in Thrive Architect:

Instantly preview your page on different screen sizes

How to add a lead generationAs you build your page, you’re always only
2 clicks away from checking what it looks like
on different screen sizes.
No page reloads needed.

Wordpress Website

Toggle the visibility of elements and entire content blocks

For any element (or any container with multiple elements in it),
you can define which screen sizes it should be shown or hidden on.
That way, you can create the perfect layout for every screen size.

Tweak Every Detail With Mobile Responsive Editing

To make it even easier and faster for you,
you can even tweak the layout and position of elements to be
different on different screen sizes.
No duplicate elements with show/hide needed.

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