WordPress web design made easy

WordPress Web Design made easy

Have you ever thought about making your own website?

eBook for WordPressWell guess what? Now you can. In this step by step eBook I will walk you through the process of creating your very own professionally looking website using the WordPress Platform.

In this eBook for WordPress, We cover the basics of wordpress and everything you need to get your website up and running like a pro. Even if you have no experience in designing a website, you can still create a professionally looking website.

At domainpricedcheap.com our mission is to teach you how to create your own website. We are so determined to help you design your very own website, that we have put an Ask A Question section on our website, to answer any questions you may have while designing your website.

This eBook easy is all about wordpress and is filled with tips and techniques for web design. It is filled step by step pictures to walk you through web design process. Not only that, but like we said earlier, it also comes with a section where you can ask questions along the way.

So what is stopping you from stepping out and designing your own website?

There is an internet revolution taking place and if you don't have a website for your business, ministry, or music group you just may be left behind. Till this point you would have had to pay someone close to $1,500 to build you a decent website. Well save your money, because in this eBook we will teach you WordPress Web Design even if you have no clue on how to make a website.

We will teach you everything from how to choose a domain name, what is web hosting, how to decide on web hosting, the different types of web hosting, how to log into your control panel, how to install wordpress, plus bonus material and so much more.

WordPress Web Design made easy

You maybe thinking what is WordPress and how do I use it? My motto is this, if you can send an email then you can build a website.

Back in the day when I first started designing websites, there was a program call Microsoft FrontPage and boy was that a mission to design a website with. Then it moved on to Microsoft Expressions and I got pretty decent at that. Now with the WordPress platfrom it makes designing your own website so much easier and much more affordable..

Here are some names that you may recognize that are using WordPress for their websites:

Over 74 million websites use WordPress.

Here are just a few notable names who use the WordPress platformeBook for WordPress

  • CNN
  • Jay Z
  • New York Times
  • Forbes
  • Sony
  • Ebay
  • and soon to be you.

Almost 50% of the top blogs are built on WordPress. Also many web designers are using WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a very popular Content Management System. There are a few other Content Management Systems out there, but WordPress is by far the most popular and the best Content Management System there is.

Even if you are a complete beginner, we will walk you through the step by step process on how to design your very own website using the WordPress platform. No Coding are Experience is Necessary.

I am sure you have heard about it on the news, seen it on tv, browsed through it on the web or talked about it with a friend or co-worker. In this eBook I would like to take on the challenge of teaching you how to design for very first website, even if you have no experience or this might by your first time ever hearing about WordPress. Once again, I am so determined about teaching you how to design your own website, that I have added a Ask A Question section to our website to assist you in making your very first website.

This page has a forum that you can fill out with any questions that you may have while designing your website.

At WWW.CREATINGWEBSITE.ORG our mission is to teach you how to create a website.

Why should I use WordPress?

Well first of all, it is FREE.

Web DesignYes I said FREE. WordPress is a free software that you can download, install and modify. You can use wordpress to design pretty much any kind of website that you would like.

Another cool thing about WordPress is that you can install what are called plugins. A plugin is a software that can be added to WordPress with the click of the mouse. You can use a WordPress plugin to add amazing features to your website such as: a contact form, a eCommerce store, a professional image slider, a SEO optimizer, a email list and so much more. There are thousands of plugins that can be added to a WordPress website.

WordPress also allows you to customize your website with something that is called web design themes. We are currently using the vantage theme for one of our websites at www.domainpricedcheap.com and it looks like this: Now the cool thing about using themes is we can change the features of our website, such as colors, menu, layout and more, in the matter of seconds.

(We literally changed these colors in the matter of seconds)small-website-blueIn order to use WordPress all you need is a domain name (Ex: google.com, yahoo.com and facebook.com) and webhosting ( there are several web hosing companies to choose from) which takes about 5 minutes to set up and this will cost you, but it is not very expensive at all.

On average you will pay about $10 for a domain name for a year and you will pay about $5 a month for web hosting. So if we do the math:

Domain Name: $10
Web Hosting: $5 X 12 = $60

Total = $70 a year for hosting and your own domain name

Click here to get started with your Domain Name.

Here are the chapters that we cover in this eBook:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is WordPress?
  3. Why are so many people using WordPress?
  4. Why should I use WordPress?
  5. What is a domain name?
  6. How to choose a domain name
  7. What is webhosting?
  8. Different types of web hosting
  9. Important features for webhosting

9.1. Setting up a domain name and hosting

  1. Logging in to your Control Panel
  2. How to install WordPress
  3. Logging in to your WordPress dashboard
  4. How to install your theme
  5. Installing the page builder
  6. How to install plugins
  7. How to add pages
  8. Adjusting the menu
  9. Adding the header
  10. How to add the image slider
  11. How to adjust your Home Page icons
  12. Adjusting the headline widget
  13. Deleting the post loop and text area
  14. Adding a footer to your website
  15. Conclusion

Here is a glimpse of chapters 6 and 7

When choosing a Domain Name there are a few things that you want to keep in mind.

watermark1. Make it easy to type

The simpler your domain name is to type the better chance you have of your customers and visitors typing your domain name correctly.

2. Keep it short

Try and keep your domain name short, sweet and to the point.

3. Use keywords

Try to use keywords that people searching for your business will type in search engines such as: google, yahoo or bing.

4. Make it easy to remember

When deciding on a domain name try and choose a domain name that is easy to remember. That way your customers and visitors will remember your website.

5. Decide on your extension

When you are deciding on a domain name you have a choice from .com, .org, .net, and many others. The most popular one is .com

6. Avoid numbers and hyphens

When choosing a domain name try not to use number or hyphens such as: 123plumbing or the-best-plumbing. It can be difficult to type as a visitor.

7. Register your domain name soon

Today many people are registering domain names and a lot of the good names by already be taken. If you come up with a good name for your company I would encourage you to register it fast, as domain names are going quick. Most web hosting companies will give you a free domain name if you order web hosting from them for at least a year. We have set up a deal just for you with a web hosting company that will give you 15OFF if you use the coupon code ebookdeal – Not only that you will get a FREE domain if you order web hosting for a year. Register a Domain Name today.

What is web hosting?

web hostingWeb hosting is the service which allows companies, businesses, individuals, churches and more to have a website or web page on the internet. A hosting company, or it can also be called a web hosting service provider, provides the necessary equipment and technology needed for a website or webpage to be viewed on the internet. Website are hosting by these companies on a special computer that is called a web server. The flow of a web page goes something like this:

Internet User > Computer > Web Browser > Domain Name > Website > Web Server

When someone wants to view your website, all they need to do is type the web address of your website, which is called your domain name.

Example: www.domainpricedcheap.com

Their computer will connect to the sever that is hosting your website (which is your web host) and your website content (which are known as web pages) will be delivered to their computer. Most  companies will give you a free domain name if you order web hosting from them for at least a year. We have set up a deal just for you with a company that will give you 15%OFF if you use the coupon code ebookdeal – Not only that you will get a FREE domain if you order web hosting for a year.

Click here to visit their website: www.domainpricedcheap.com

If you are interested in purchasing this eBook you can get your own copy today for only $1.99 on Amazon. I have been building websites from scratch using word press and I am not even a technical geek. So if I can build a website, so can you.

This kindle eBook was written for those who are new to WordPress and building websites.If you are experienced at building websites, know html coding, are familiar with php and other web designing lanquaqes, then this ebook is not for you. This ebook is written with the total beginner in mind. Now if you don't know what a plug in is, what a static page is, what a widget is, then you have purchased the right ebook. I will be walking you through step by step on how to design you very own website. Even though you have paid a small fee to purchase this ebook, it will be well worth the investment.

If this book helps you out in any way please leave us a review and let us know how it has helped you. Once again thanks for considering my eBook, now let's get to designing a website.


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